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The 9-month-old boy's mother, former Marine and firefighter Sara Mc Kenna, also said she was happy about the arrangement."I think we're on the right road," she said after court.

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Olympic ski champ Bode Miller’s newly pregnant wife blasted his baby mama in a Web posting just days after Miller and the woman settled a bitter custody battle over the child.

Miller’s spouse, professional volleyball player Morgan Beck, said Sara Mc Kenna got herself pregnant by fishing Bode’s used condom out of a wastebasket, according to a posting in a chat room for moms-to-be on The including taking condoms out of trash cans and locking themselves in a bathroom,” Beck said.

The mother is a good friend of mine who I was seeing a while ago.

NEW YORK - Skier Bode Miller and a former flame agreed on Monday to share time with their infant son for the next four months, calming a court fight over him as Miller heads toward the Winter Olympics.

The Olympic gold medal winner showed off his leggy lady as they made their way down the red carpet for the awards show. He suffered an ankle injury in 2010 and took the rest of the season off after the Olympics.

Since then, he's participated in events here and there, but has largely cut back.

Miller was off the gold medal time by only fractions of a second. If that's still the case, we think Amanda should break out the bubbly.

Bode Miller is known within skiing communities as a party guy and has been criticized for not taking International competitions seriously enough. Bode is now a few years older and seems to have mellowed out, at least a bit.

Bode Miller took home a bronze medal today in Olympic Men's Downhill Alpine Skiing.

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