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Oh, and of course, paying endless child support – and being delinquent on them – is sort of a tribal ritual to be proud of for Puerto Rican men; I am so very sorry guys, but after that many kids and baby-mamas, your dick does us all a favor and it should just fall off, really – or better yet it should be ostracized from society!

After that many dips, the guy is tainted, so it’s extremely rare to find a guy with no baggage here.

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Okay, so maybe there’s some Puerto Rican men that don’t need to pimp out their car and already have that Aston Martin that they only park in handicapped spaces to avoid scratches… You tell them that, and they’ll think it’s a stripper’s name or Daddy Yankee’s newest reggaeton song.

But the reality is that while his car may be nice and neat, he probably still lives with mom and dad off of government coupons, and I assure you, his room will probably look like Jesus took his last holy crap in his hot mess of a room – You think I’m kidding… If you wait for the guy to open the door, he’ll ask whether you’re too handicapped to open your own door.

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As long as everything you’re saying is in Spanish, I don’t care… It feels like I’m riding Antonio Banderas when these Puerto Rican men do their (Editor’s Disclaimer: Our girl Madonna does NOT hate Puerto Rico…

She only hates Puerto Ricans that give Puerto Rico a bad name.En nuestra sede notarial podemos redactar la Declaratoria de Herederos de manera mas rápida, así como las cartas testamentarias, cambio de nombre y correcciones en el Registro Demográfico.Además nos dedicamos a casos de familia, asuntos de custodia, autorizaciones judiciales que son necesarias para vender los bienes cuando hay menores o incapacitados, redactamos contratos, Actas de Hogar Seguro, y asuntos civiles en general.and a car in your car so you can drive while you drive.After all that, no wonder some Puerto Rican men can’t even afford a happy meal… Just tell ‘em Puerto Rican men about that word, and you’ll get this a response that will much resemble something like this…You can create a profile in just two steps and be ready to mingle with other members in your area.

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