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he wants to save her, but he fails when he says that he's said enough and his words were faded, meaning she's heard them too many times.

he wants to waste time with her, but she's too girl forgets how to really live again because of the hold her boyfriend has on her life.

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Bert Mc Cracken is amazing....doubt....but, is it just me or does he seem, lonley like in this song, and in other ones like all iv'e got and stuff?? i was told a long summary of the song;blue and yellow are the color of bruises.

And if you're looking for love, you'll never find it..

A gallery of mannequins and cemetery of tombstones adorned the back of the stage during a pair of local concerts Tuesday and Wednesday nights by The Used, as if the Utah band needed any more bodies watching.

Guitarist Quinn Allman exited the band last year, joining drummer Branden Steineckert, who’s been gone since 2006, as departed original members.

Steineckert’s caustic drumming had as much to do with The Used’s initial breakthrough as Mc Cracken’s candid lyricism and Howard’s songwriting chops.

The Used drew capacity crowds both shows at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas in the Linq Promenade as it celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Those type of throngs had become uncommon for the band during a middling last decade, but they returned with the promise of hearing The Used play its first two albums in their entirety on consecutive nights.

Mixing the two makes the perfect amount for bert to get high.

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