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This paper attempts to redress this omission, to dispel some of the myths about Holmes’ life, and to trace his contribution to the development of the geological timescale.

I selected renown Geologist Arthur Holmes, because of his geological contributions to the scientific community.

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At the age of 17, Arthur Holmes attend Gateshead Grammar School before enrolling into the Royal College of Science or The Imperial College London, where he studied Physics.

In Arthur’s second year of school he was introduced to geology, which later became his passion.

In addition, Holmes was a renowned scholar at several Universities in England.

Still today scientist base their geological theories and methods from Arthur Holmes life works and achievements.

Soon after his return Holmes was offered a position at the Imperial College London as an activist in 1912. Scholar Works: British Institutions: Durham University (1924–1942), and University of Edinburgh (1943–1956).

In 1924 Holmes became the reader in geology at Durham University.

Holmes was known as the "Father of Geological Time Scale".

Example of Geological Time Scale "This is an image of a modern day geological time scale, which Arthur Holmes developed the first geological time scale similar to this one.

Holmes knew his hypothesis to continental drift theory needed to necessitate more evidence in order to either disprove or prove.

Holmes was solely looking for the primary mechanism to explain how identical geological and biological evidence could occur on two different continents across an ocean.

After nine years at Durham University, Holmes was promoted to the chair of geology at the University of Edinburgh, which he held until his retirement in 1956.

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