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What I'm implying is that given what we've seen the past few years, anything is possible if someone in power wants to see it happen (the"temporary franchise" granted to Texas being one example).As David Andrews said at the All Star press conference, knowing full well that Edmonton and Iowa franchises were going to be dormant this year with the league having less than thirty teams, they allowed the Dallas/Texas Stars to open the new Cedar Park arena with the temporary license for one year.I just think it is interesting to point out that this is another example where despite the by-laws, rules, etc. Well the Texas Stars may not have a franchise, they have a club with a ten year affiliation with the Dallas Stars, not to mention a twenty five year arrangement with the Cedar Park Center.

Affiliate dating franchise

Majik, Here's the email that I sent to Jason and the reply...

"Can a team not affiliated with an NHL parent club operate in the American Hockey League?

The Iowa Chops franchise even if it sold to a local ownership group would still need a NHL affiliation. Keep in mind the Portland Pirates and Lowell Devils are owned by their NHL masters, both with affiliation agreements up along with the Syracuse Crunch.

We have seen the Albany River Rats sell and move to Charlotte and Edmonton reprise their dormant franchise in Oklahoma City, a change from an affiliation with Springfield.

Now that the AHL has expanded to thirty franchises, I am sure the previous situation has changed.

There are now as many AHL clubs as there are NHL clubs, therefore, any AHL club must have a NHL affiliation....

So we are looking at 30 clubs next season with one suspended.

Another club has resigned its affilation with the St. But eventually there will be a franchise without an affiliation or that one sold to Dallas/Texas Stars, nevermind the suspended Iowa Chops..

Again this is hypothetical, but the AHL Bo G couldn't force the AHL team to sign an affiliation agreement with a team that they don't want to sign an agreement with.

Had you been paying any attention at all the past few years, you'd know that I'm one of the few in here that does know that the BOG is the power base, and that LD is a figurehead.

Realistically, though, with the costs that would be incurred by an AHL owner paying a full rosters worth of salaries (plus coaches, trainers, other expenses, etc.), and with the shallow player pool from which to sign players while still being guided by the AHLs development rule, its probably not a very attractive option. Sincerely, =========================== Jason Chaimovitch Vice President of Communications, American Hockey League As a result of the above, it appears that any application for membership must have an NHL affiliate as part of its acceptance.

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