Adultdating service

“The security of our members’ information remains our top priority,” the company said.

It has hired the Mandiant response division of cyber-security company Fire Eye, which has previously investigated a number of high-profile breaches in recent months.

Today, the attackers increasingly trick their potential victims using mobile applications, especially on Google Play.

In most cases, these apps simply show fraudulent websites on its Web View component or run a browser to show the sites.

Mc Afee Mobile Security detects these fraudulent dating-service apps as Android/Deai Fraud and protects customers from this common Japanese fraud.

We also block web access to such malicious sites by registering their URLs in our Web Reputation Database.

Sometimes the decoy says she wants to give the victim a huge amount of money and requests a minimum charge to the service to proceed; of course such offers are always baloney!

Other characteristics are that users are automatically registered in one or more dating services at the same time, probably operated by the same fraudulent group.

A Fire Eye spokesman confirmed the company is investigating but declined further comment.

Mc Afee Mobile Research monitors adult one-click-fraud applications on Google Play that are targeted at Japanese users.

These applications do not automatically collect private information from the devices or send spam mails/SMS messages; they just lead users to their fraudulent sites.

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