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It’s whispered about amongst members but it never seems to be addressed directly which could be attributed to the reliance on group conscience as a guiding hand, and if the issue isn’t discussed, it isn’t addressed.

As a response to this issue, and it’s relationship to AA meeting rooms I think it is essential that we start talking about predatory behaviour more openly amongst ourselves as members of AA.

All sections of this country and many of its occupations are represented, as well as many political, economic, social, and religious backgrounds. But there exists among us a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful.

Tradition Three states that “the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop drinking” which reminds us that membership is open to everyone, regardless of their gender, belief, sexual identity, association, political leaning, or their past.

It was so long ago I can’t remember the specifics of what we talked about but he definitely started asking about my relationships with men.

About five minutes into the conversation I noticed that he was masturbating under the table.

I can’t tell you the number of stories I have heard from women in the rooms who found themselves under the “guidance” of more senior members of the program and inevitably ending up in complicated sexual liaisons.

There are meetings in my city I just simply won’t attend because they feel like pick-up joints.

My first decade in and out of AA I spent more time in the rooms looking for boyfriends than I did looking for recovery, and there was no shortage of equally damaged men looking to fill that role.

I had very little warning or intervention from other members so today I make it a point of openly discussing this issue with other women in the program.

Plenty of men (and women) without criminal records commit violent acts or behave in a predatory manner towards women (and other men).

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