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You have to take the lessons above and try them on your audience and with your content and see if it works. So keep testing, and learning from what kinds of things people react to.Christiank / @ Twitter Anything with a sense of urgency. When testing multiple subject lines, I can’t stress enough how important it is to test different variations.Enjoy and hope you’ll be inspired and stimulated to create your own high converting subject lines! – A “cold” list that you’ve purchased from someone? And there’s no single subject line that would work everywhere. You would use a short and very descriptive email subject in lowercase letters. To make sure my email would not go to trash I used a subject line that would immediately hint him that this email is personalised.

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– Why did they join your email list in the first place? You are probably not testing your subject line in your emails…because you are uncomfortable. Yeah, while your are in testing mode some people might not open your emails and some people might even unsubscribe. If you sold a $100 product that would result in $10 000 more in sales!

Have those numbers in mind the next time you are afraid to test out your subject lines.

But when sending an email update to your own list of subscribers, you can’t get personal with each of them. Once you answer all this questions – you’ll be able to come up with great subject lines that would easily hook them. Let`s say that you have a 1% conversion rate on your sales emails (just for the sake of simplicity).

So you should at least try to make it relevant for them.– Who are your subscribers? Time Management // @Twitter~ I decided to leave my six-figure job in order to follow my passion. What if people WON`T open your emails, or even WORSE…unsubscribe (yeah, I said it). You have to make sacrifices in the short-term in order to get long-term reward. In the future when you have 100 000 subscribers, 10% increased open rate will mean 10 000 MORE people opened your email.10 000 more people opening your email with 1% conversion rate is…100 more sales!

Here are my 3 lessons I`ve learned from testing multiple subject lines:– What you think might work, most likely won`t work (and the other way around) – You have to detach your emotions when you are testing – The only way to improve conversion is to test, test and test”Orbit // @Twitterand the top #3 lessons you’ve learned testing multiple subject lines After eight years of email marketing, here are a few lessons I’ve learning about writing subjects lines:1.

Prescriptive headlines work best If the subscriber sees that there is some specific benefit, that they will be able to take and apply as if it was a prescription, they’ll be far more likely to click. They want to know what return (practical information) they’ll get for their investment (2 minutes of their time).2.Although each newsletter and email announcement we send to our customers is highly targeted, we have seen considerable success when using relevant emojis within subject lines.I use the term “relevant” as the use of emojis has to be appropriate to both the audience and the message you’re communicating.We’ve achieved considerably higher open rates when taking this approach, and increased CTRs when the theme of the newsletter is consistent to that of the subject line (including design elements relevant to the type of images used within the subject line).Optimised preview text is another specific area of email marketing where we’ve seen considerable success when testing multiple subject lines.They don’t have to be the same as the article headline A “headline” can be many things, a subject line, a title tag, header text, a social media post, etc.

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