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GCHQ's monitoring of Yahoo's webcam traffic also halted in 2012.

The dates could be a coincidence, of course, but given the somewhat boastful nature of other leaked NSA/GCHQ documents, it's equally feasible that the analysts are using vague language to show off their prowess at screen scraping.

Cheeks are aggressively contoured; butts and boobs are a cause for celebration. The Missguided girl never works, just moves from Miami to Ibiza to LA to Las Vegas, floating in pools and partying with her girls.

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You might have seen some signs of the invasion: huge posters and ads in pink — almost always pink — featuring the come hither, sexy looks of Amber Rose and Pamela Anderson dressed in bodycon dresses and jumpsuits.

Missguided, which seems to have found the secret sauce to winning the hearts and minds of the UK’s millennial women." data-reactid="12"Amber Rose for Missguided.

() As such, the Guardian's report, like so much of the reporting around Snowden's leaked documents, is infuriatingly vague on the technical details.

And Yahoo's statements to various news organizations are no more illuminating, mainly along the lines of "if the government is hacking us then we'd sure be mad!

Fast forward eight years later, and Missguided is sold in 150 countries — including the US as of 2013 — with 20 million visitors a month to its site, and 600 new products launching each week.

It booked £120 million in revenue in 2015, and £4.7 million in pre-tax profits during the year ending March 2015.maternity; a beauty line (with contouring kits, duh), and what Passi describes as a "high-end" line called Peace & Love, whose most expensive item is a slinky 9 dress.

The Guardian reports that GCHQ, a British analog to the National Security Agency, collected and stored images from Yahoo webcam streams through a program called "Optic Nerve." According to the report, the agency targeted "millions of internet users not suspected of wrongdoing," including citizens of both the United States and the United Kingdom, with the program. What's unclear is whether it actually constitutes illegal spying.

For one thing, under UK law, GCHQ is permitted to collect images of British citizens, including through hacking or wiretapping.

" (Yahoo's spokesperson is continuing to answer my questions, including offering theories on what might have happened here. I'm yet to get a response to my request for comment from the Guardian.) Of course this lack of specific details hasn't stopped the media going into the same frothing frenzy they've suffered with every previous leak. "Spy agency intercepts Yahoo webcam chats, nudes and all" says Ars Technica. I'll update this post when I hear more from Yahoo or the Guardian.

"The NSA may not be listening to your private phone calls, but it has been watching your private parts," warns ZDNet -- while UK-based The Register screamed Snowden leaks latest: UK spies ogle MILLIONS of Yahoo!

It’s the millennial’s brand of feminism evangelized by the Kardashians: Empowerment means celebrating your sexy to the max, and let no one tell you website to crash." data-reactid="20"And Missguided’s four million customers love it.

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