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"It feels like a slap in my face," said Krystal Lopez. She's now in her twenties but she was just 13 when her uncle, Joe Lopez, took her innocence. All anyone has to do is contact Texas Department of Justice Victims Services," said Andy Kahan, a Houston Victim's Advocate. On Thursday, they will meet with the parole board to request that they re-vote on Joe Lopez's parole decision and overturn it. Kahan said as part of the conditions of Lopez's parole he must complete a sex offender course, which will take at least four months.

Krystal said she just heard that Joe Lopez was granted parole. Victim Advocate Andy Kahan said the state doesn't notify victims about parole eligibility unless you sign up for it."You must take control of the process. The number for the Texas Department of Justice Victims Services is 1-800-848-4284. Watch for updates on air, online and on our mobile news app.

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Family Watchdog is a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area.

They were from Romania, Albania, Nigeria, Tunisia, Italy and Ukraine.

The pope has dedicated Fridays throughout the Holy Year to the suffering, including visiting Syrian refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos and praying silently at the Auschwitz-Birkenau former Nazi death camp.

“We are going to protect this young woman, we are going to make sure she has the help she needs, she is going to help us help other victims of sex trafficking,” Price said.

Her release was eagerly anticipated as Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said Friday that charges against seven police officers hinged on her return to California.

Price said her client plans to file a civil lawsuit, adding that she is “entitled to compensation from each jurisdiction that violated her civil rights.” Earlier Wednesday, the young woman was shackled and in a green jail jumpsuit as her father, dressed in a suit, looked on in a Florida courtroom, according to footage from WPBF TV.

According to a WPBF reporter, the woman’s criminal defense attorney, Richard Kibbey, told the judge: “This is the most wanted woman in California.” The Richmond resident, who was arrested three days after she arrived at the rehab facility, signed her no contest plea agreement in her customary fashion, with hearts and a smiley face, court documents show.

The East Bay prosecutor and others have criticized the Richmond Police Department for its role in helping send her so far away for treatment, given that officers in that department have been implicated in the scandal and the fact that she is a witness in potential criminal cases.

The young woman, who did not speak at the news conference, previously used the alias “Celeste Guap,” but Price told the throng of reporters that the teen now prefers to use her real name, emphasizing that “Celeste Guap is dead.” In general, it is this newspaper’s policy to not name victims of sex abuse or child sex trafficking.

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