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Lawyer Lawrence Walters says Lilsecrett was fired from My Free “for violating company policies that are posted on the website.” Models are prohibited from performing “actions that may be deemed obscene in your community,” and from showing “men on camera for any reason,” according to the website rules.

Lilsecrett’s many videos show her revealing herself in the presence of several oblivious public library patrons. Library officials confirm that a woman was asked to leave one of their branches in January for “suspicious behaviour.” A third video shows Lilsecrett speaking to a man who is sitting at a table behind her, facing away and unaware of her actions.

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A woman performed graphic sex acts multiple times inside at least two branches of the Windsor Public Library over a three-month period and streamed it all live online, CBC News has learned.

The woman, who appears to be in her twenties and used the screen name "lilsecrett," streamed video of herself flashing her breasts, masturbating and using sex toys in front of a webcam while seated at the Riverside and branches of the library.

Some of the scenes are graphic while in others the woman quickly covers up her breasts with a shirt or coat and tamely interacts with library users before continuing to perform when they leave.

During the shows, lilsecrett was performing for and interacting with an online audience in a chat room on the website My Free

In another, while asking a man for a pen, lilscrett lifts her skirt and shows her buttocks to her online audience without the man knowing.

According to the website's rules for models, unauthorized people, minors, children and babies may not be on camera or in the same room.

Multiple videos show her openly masturbating with people in the background, including men. She leans over his shoulder from behind while exposing her bare buttocks to her laptop webcam.

One video shows her answering a question from a young girl. “Some people have a really strong drive to be an exhibitionist,” sex shop employee Latetia Frazer told CTV Windsor.

The mystery woman who bared it all on camera at two Windsor public library branches has been fired from the sex website that hosted her live shows.

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