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After Miles and Maya's break up, they ditch the school dance and hang out at Miles' house.

During the storm, they share a romantic moment and kiss, only to be interrupted by Winston.

They later become friends during the summer Paris trip when Miles is accepting of Tristan's homosexuality.

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Later, Tristan and Maya use Miles as a volunteer to show how in France, they used to behead people as a form of punishment for a petty crime.

In Honey, Tristan can tell that Maya has a crush on Miles and allows her to have feelings for him.

In This Is How We Do It, Miles approaches Tristan and Maya in the classroom, Miles wants a girlfriend recommendation and Tristan reminds him about his ex, Zoë, in France.

Miles explains that was a mistake which "has been put behind him" and Tristan says "literally", and they all turn to see Zoë standing behind them. The bell rings and the teacher comes in and Zoë gets into a fight with him and throws her drink at him, Tristan, Miles and Maya are surprised and shocked by this.

In About A Girl, Tristan fakes being sick when really he is heartbroken over seeing Miles and Zoë together.

Tristan starts and continues skipping class because of it.

They both go to purchase bread for their project and Tristan asks Miles if he thinks the girl at the counter is cute. A song that Tristan likes comes on, making him excited and Miles tells him he did a dance to it.

Miles tells Tristan that he took hip-hop dance classes, until his dad had to pull the plug on it.

Later, they sit next to each other at dinner and both get mad at Zoë for spilling her drink on Maya's dress.

Then, Miles tells Tristan and Maya that he ended his relationship with Zoë, but she should be aware of her.

The relationship between Miles Hollingsworth III and Tristan Milligan, also known as Triles (Tristan/Miles), began as a result from a kiss they shared in Thunderstruck.

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