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I also remember clearly that she asked me about the grayish "cream" that sometimes "sprayed" out when she had stroked dad for a while.I belive I told here something like all boys do that, and that I can prove it.On the plus side I think I can go the incest route with my gf and our future family.

So she went over to my bed and watched me masturbate until I came.

From that point on we continued regulary watching our parents have sex, in the beginning she stroked my dick while we watched and when I got the courage enough to touch my sister; I did.

I remember getting a hard on when watching them one night.

I belive I was 11 or 12, when I masturbated for the first time.

She's also said she would like more of a I got a message and was asked about how my family began with incestual relationships.

I wrote alot of what happened so I thought I also could post it here in "Confessions".

m My 1 year younger sister poked on my back when I was watching my parents fucking.

I was all into it and was masturbating so I really jumped out of surprise. After a while she asked me if she should "runka" me (native word for "stroking a dick" or "give a handjob"). She told me that dad sometimes asked her to do it and he sometimes fingered her pussy.

I apologize beforehand for my poor grammar and spelling - English isn't my native language.

In my case, I grew up in a family where my parents were nudists and didn't really care for being discrete when they had sex.

I could see everything standing on the other side of the door peeking into their bedroom.

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