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Not surprisingly, it soothes even the most anxious minds, and promotes relief from depression and anxiety.Serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins are released through the bloodstream, increasing the performance of your immune system – who knew that so many biochemical processes are stimulated through simple massages?

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The primary reason why massages feel so good is due to the fact that endorphins are released through them – this automatically creates a feeling of pleasure, relaxation, and well-being, which are feelings that are automatically associated with any sort of massage.

The therapeutic benefits of a loving and a nurturing touch – and one that is absolutely non-sexual is a release for many of those who were deprived of this feeling growing up.

Accused Falakhe Khumalo said he and his three co-accused lured Desiree Murugan (39) to the Shallcross Stadium in Chatsworth, Durban, where he paid her R100 for sex, including oral sex.

Murugan’s body was found the following day, while her head was found almost a week later.

By using your naturally aged features and combining it with state-of-the-art techniques performed by an internationally qualified Botox physician, we can give you a refreshed, naturally younger, relaxed and friendlier look.

For women and men seeking a non-surgical, safe and extremely reliable method of reducing the signs of ageing, wrinkles and lines and improve their facial appearance, Botox holds immense potential.

But has anybody spoken to you about its psychological benefits?

You’ll be surprised at the wonders it can do for your mental health.

Some girls appear in sexy lingerie while gently undulating and stripping, others directly nude, masturbating and cracking their tight love holes in premium solo XXX scenes.

Nothing feels better than a good, long, satisfying massage after a hard day’s work.

“I rent a room in Rosettenville for R1 700 a month.

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