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Even if he is a new recrute, his colleagues give him particularly difficult students.

Will he find the right balance between his professional and personal life, including his urge to do sport on a daily basis and showing his gratitude to his helpful friends?

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You are Rick once again and you're almost done with your job in Manchester... For that, you've arranged to meet Faye, a friend of your roommates.

play Due to his very adventurous sex life, Ivan lost his girlfriend and his job at the massage institute…

When this game starts, he is quite enjoying his new life in a house share, he takes time for naps and goes to the gym…She owns a chain of sex shops and you want to sell her your products.play Ivan is getting more and more familiar with his job and closer to his students.But Abi is yet to be convinced this is a good idea...Will you succeed in this last step of your therapy?play Rick has been set the task of selling some stock from 4 different containers in Manchester. A new day starts and your roommates are still asleep.

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