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The card for limited/no credit history may not come with many perks, since their main purpose is to give you an opportunity to build a credit history. Never miss a payment, pay off your balances, and you'll be on the road to excellent credit. In fact, if you have just become a permanent resident of the USA, you will probably be approved right away for your first credit card.

Banks are more willing to give offers to people with limited / no credit, compared to people with bad credit history.

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Go into a branch and demand they give you the 100k points if you meet the $4k obligation in 3 months. no annual fee and 1.5 points on the dollar for everything else.. and take advantage of the priority pass access, and your global entry free, the priority pass would take about 7 working days to arrive ..

Apparently the 100k is still offered if you sign up through a branch so if you raise hell they will probably give it to you. and even national emerald executive and avis preferred for car rentals just for having that car the website will tell you how to go about activating those perks Only CC I have right now is my college wells fargo.

You need to show that you have steady income so banks could see you can repay loans and lines of credit.

When you apply for an account, you will be asked for proof of employment. Banks will want you to have a backup account on your application, and having access to a checking account helps you develop discipline and learn good credit habits.

Keep these tips in mind as you build your credit and you'll be on the road to excellent credit: May 13, 2014 If you do not have credit history and don’t know what credit card to choose to start with, the credit card can become your first card.

People with bad credit and with past credit problems can also get approved for the National ...I just saw that I could have gotten 3x points on the 0 grill I bought at Ace if I went through the portal. receives compensation from many credit card issuers whose offers appear on our site.i have the sapphire and they waived the first year annual fee, i dont use it enough to pay for the 2nd year. that way you don't get a hit on your credit score for canceling a card.. ill be doing that shortly from preferred to freedom lol I did, because last week I went into a branch to check and they said I was rejected.My guess is it's taking a little longer since I don't have a Chase account already or anything? But I'm guessing it'll be here fairly quickly since my family got theirs within 3 business days through UPS as I'm sure you can tell, I really want that 100k bonus I don't have a chase account and it was on my porch in 2 days. well hopefully mine is here tomorrow them or something lol.Apply for a credit card for people with no credit history.

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