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The more she talks about performing a specific sexual act, the more aroused she is likely to become.7.Where is the one place on your body that always gets you in the mood?This question helps to get her aroused and can also improve your technique with her in the bedroom.

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Initiating a Sexy Texting Session Keeping it Going Finishing Strong Community Q&A Sending dirty texts, or sexting, is the perfect way to turn on your love interest and to take things to the next level -- as long as you send them to the right person at the right time.

If you want to know how to send a dirty text that will excite your conversational partner as soon as you hit the "send" button, just follow these steps.

Have you ever accidentally (or purposely) watched another couple make out?

This is the perfect question to ask to slowly give your line of questioning more sexual overtones.

So you need to be that guy when texting, however this doesn’t mean that you want to be too brash with your words.

For example, you don’t want to say something like: There will be a point during your dirty texting session that you may offend her, this is totally fine as you need to see where the line is with each girl. Giphy Men often stereotype women, believing that females don't get the same primal sexual urges that men do. Women also experience sudden bursts of sexual desire and feel no shame about acting on them.Getting her to open up about a wild make out fling not only gives her a chance to brag, but it's the perfect opportunity to let her know that you wouldn't mind if she "made out" with you.5.However she feels about this, you can help her become aroused just by describing how a massage given by you will feel.9. Any questions involving kissing almost always have a woman picturing physical intimacy with her partner.By having her describe some of your more passionate kisses, she can visualize the romantic encounter between you and become aroused hoping that it happens again.10. No matter what answer she gives, you already have her thinking about sexual intercourse.11.Since you're inquiring about the sexual activities of other people, she's more likely to continue to relax and play along with your line of sensual questioning.4.

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