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Whether your preference is for relaxing in a quiet wine-bar, or letting your hair down and dancing the night away in a nightclub.Nightlife means fun and entertainment at night: dance clubs, bars, parties, festivals, shows, restaurants, live music bands and all that.

Subtle and sophisticated, Rick's is Delhi's latest nighttime sizzle, with warm lighting and a neon-green bar.

Adding to the vibe is a jazzy female vocalist and baby grand piano.

011/2615-5533 or -5534) has a style-conscious, ultra-chic bar-lounge with a vinyl bar counter, modern white chairs, green antique-style sofas, and mirrored tables.

One interesting evening shows in Delhi is the sound and light show which is held at Red Fort.

In Delhi, it is notoriously difficult to obtain an alcohol licence and many of the swishest watering holes and nightclubs are in the five-star international hotels - with prices to match.

Apart from hotels, the watering holes of Delhi are concentrated around Connaught Place, with various outposts in the more prosperous southern suburbs.

Get on board and forgot about world existing around You - this is going to be another dimension. :) I am somehow a romantic one but also I like to spice things up a little bit.

When the sun goes down in Delhi, it is time to go out and enjoy everything that this exciting destination has on offer.

Whenever you feel enjoying like dancing, the best option probably is to go one of the big hotels that probably has a private club and bar.

It is quite likely that you end up watching a Hindi film or traditional dance performance, finished off with a beer or lassi and an early night of sleep.

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