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Chatseeking girl

Nothing in life is easy, people who scored A’s had spent time and effort to study, and not purely because “they’re smart”. Of course you can have some fun, but always know your priorities.

Don't waste too much time on social networks and quit pleasing people who doesn’t even give a damn about you. Trust me, your knowledge gets you further in life, not the amount of likes you get on fb or instagram. Before anyone says “Nice try mom”, you don’t actually need to be a parent to understand this. - Got some messages regarding why this page is inactive from last one month and we seriously want to apologize for same.

bhagwaan kare aaj raat tere ghar me light chale jaye , invrter hai toh fuk jaaye..

aur saari raat machhar tuje aisi aisi jagah kaate jaha khujli karne k liye tera hath bhi na jaa paye...

But seriously, they should remember that they will only be able to celebrate the next Diwali if they can breathe well this Diwali. Later, when I spoke with him, he said he belonged to a "particular reserved" Category and that's what got him through. He made it to but I didn't know what to feel for a whole week. and fb chat, seeking for attention and acceptance from your friends and indulging in this faux fame. You spend so much money to buy things that you don’t need to impress people so that people would like you.

- It's either you're shy, don't want to say anything dumb or blunt to hurt her feelings, or you are slowly developing feelings for her. We don't always have to put label on things that we are not yet sure of. He jokingly asked me if I made it through the Girls' quota at least. Take away all your nice clothes, expensive branded stuff and make up, what are you? At the end of the day, many of these things don’t matter.You receive your results and it’s bad, how are you gonna feel about it?You friends and anyone can tell you “don’t be sad, try harder next time”, “I’m here for you” and so on, but can anyone make you feel better? Nobody’s gonna live the consequences of your actions, but you have to live with yourself the rest of your life and you can only blame yourself. Start studying and do something productive, and get a hobby that doesn’t involve a screen.machharo k sath teri har raat suhaagraat ban jaye.. if I abuse u it means m abusing a girl tuje abuse karke mai apne confession me aur ladkio se gaali nahi sunna chahta..aur rahi baat ki mai tere liye rota hu ya sota nahi , slogans almost FAILS for some people. Hello, as a new semester start and new people are coming in I just wanted to share a good read that I've found. ""Your parents pay so much to put you through college.You only need to be a responsible adult who know your priorities in life, and be kind enough not to disappoint your parents. Lastly, love your family and spend more time with them because friends come and go but family is always there for you. Reason being one among us, the Admin Panel, is hospitalized from last few weeks and so rest of us are with him but we promise we will post all of your confessions next week onwards.

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