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Article 141 of the Egyptian Constitution establishes the requirements one must meet in order to become president.

The president of the republic should: be an Egyptian citizen, be born to Egyptian parents (never having dual nationality), have participated in the military or be exempted from it and cannot be less than 40 years old.

Under the various iterations of the Constitution of Egypt, the president is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and head of the executive branch of the Egyptian government.

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The People’s Assembly, the lower house of Parliament, nominated one of a number of candidates for presidency.

The presidential candidate required at least a two-thirds majority in the People’s Assembly in order to proceed to the second stage of the elections, in which the candidate was confirmed by popular plebiscite.

Election procedures are taken before the end of the incumbent president’s term by 60 days.

Additional requirements were provisioned in Article 142 of the Egyptian constitution concerning candidates for the president's office.

The constitution specifies the number of terms a president shall remain in office to be limited to two terms.

If the president-elect is announced before the end of the incumbent president’s term, the incumbent president continues in office until the end of his term.The amendment to Article 76 of the constitution provides for the establishment of a “Presidential Election Commission” that would have complete independence, and would be charged with the supervision of the presidential election process.The Commission will be composed of 10 members, presided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court and four other ex officio members of the judiciary who are the most senior serving Deputy President of each of the Supreme Constitutional, the Court of Cassation, and the High Administrative Court, and the president of the Cairo Court of Appeal.The Egyptian Constitution has had various forms since its 1953 change to become a republic.Under the 1980 amendments of the 1971 Egyptian Constitution, the president of the republic was elected indirectly in a two-stage system unique to Egypt.The following provisions regarding the election process are stipulated in Article 76 as amended: A successful candidate must be elected by the majority of the votes.

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