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(10) “Dealer” means a person with a dealer’s license issued under part 3 of this chapter. (12) “Distributor” means a person who: (a) purchases or obtains from a licensed manufacturer, distributor, route operator, or operator equipment of any kind for use in gambling activities; and (b) sells the equipment to a licensed manufacturer, distributor, route operator, or operator.

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(16) (a) “Gift enterprise” means a gambling activity in which persons have qualified to obtain property to be awarded by purchasing or agreeing to purchase goods or services.

(b) The term does not mean: (i) a cash or merchandise attendance prize or premium that county fair commissioners of agricultural fairs and rodeo associations may give away at public drawings at fairs and rodeos; (17) “Gross proceeds” means gross revenue received less prizes paid out.

(27) (a) “Lottery” means a scheme, by whatever name known, for the disposal or distribution of property among persons who have paid or promised to pay valuable consideration for the chance of obtaining the property or a portion of it or for a share or interest in the property upon an agreement, understanding, or expectation that it is to be distributed or disposed of by lot or chance.

(b) The term does not mean lotteries authorized under Title 23, chapter 7.

(3) Revenue to fund the expense of administration and control of gambling as regulated by parts 1 through 8 of this chapter must be derived solely from fees, taxes, and penalties on gambling activities, except the gambling activities of the Montana state lottery and the parimutuel industry. The department shall adopt rules describing the forms and information required for issuance of a license.

(3) “Associated gambling business” means a person who provides a service or product to a licensed gambling business and who: (4) “Authorized equipment” means, with respect to live keno or bingo, equipment that may be inspected by the department and that randomly selects the numbers.

(a) assembles from raw materials or subparts a completed piece of equipment or pieces of equipment of any kind to be used as a gambling device and who sells the equipment directly to a licensed distributor, route operator, or operator; (b) possesses gambling devices or components of gambling devices for the purpose of testing them; or (c) purchases gambling devices or components from licensed manufacturers, distributors, route operators, or operators as trade-ins or to refurbish, rebuild, or repair to sell to licensed manufacturers, distributors, route operators, or operators.

(29) “Nonprofit organization” means a nonprofit corporation or nonprofit charitable, religious, scholastic, educational, veterans’, fraternal, beneficial, civic, senior citizens’, or service organization established to support charitable activities, scholarships or educational grants, or community service projects.

(18) “House player” means a person participating in a card game who has a financial relationship with the operator, card room contractor, or dealer or who has received money or chips from the operator, card room contractor, or dealer to participate in a card game.

(19) “Illegal gambling device” means a gambling device not specifically authorized by statute or by the rules of the department.

The term includes: (a) a ticket or card, by whatever name known, containing concealed numbers or symbols that may match numbers or symbols designated in advance as prize winners, including a pull tab, punchboard, push card, tip board, pickle ticket, break-open, or jar game, except for one used under Title 23, chapter 7, under part 5 of this chapter, in a bingo game approved by the department under part 4 of this chapter, or in a promotional game of chance approved by the department; and (b) an apparatus, implement, or device, by whatever name known, specifically designed to be used in conducting an illegal gambling enterprise, including a faro box, faro layout, roulette wheel, roulette table, craps table, or slot machine, except as provided in 23-5-153.

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