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So, in addition to tattoo parlors and payday loan joints, you’re gonna find a lot of strip clubs.

Or, that Delawareans You wouldn’t expect a legendary strip club like Mons to be a tiny dive tucked away in a nondescript parking lot in an industrial section of Tampa. It also has, hands down, the best looking group of strippers IN AMERICA, and because of that, you won't even care that they don't serve booze.

strip clubs, not “best strip clubs you’re most likely to see things you can’t unsee.” That said, the win in Atlanta goes to the Cheetah; not only does it employ more hot strippers than you can possibly shower with the 23 singles in your wallet, but it's got one of the best DJs in the business calling them to the main stage.

Which may be disappointing if you were looking for “extras” from one of the 200 beauties roaming the floor.

But what they lack in VIP space they more than make up for in glass-enclosed, state-of-the-art conference rooms you can reserve for official business meetings.

So if you’re in Louisville, and you’re either female or with a female who appreciates strippers, hit this spot. from Jeffersonville, IN, said it best: “It is totally possible for a big group of straight ladies to have a great time in this place.” Although, you should know, lap dances do cost $30.

Being the greatest strip club in The Big Easy -- as it was recently dubbed by a leading authority -- is kinda like being named the best jazz musician, or most embarrassing tourist. But when you boast a gourmet restaurant, Penthouse-quality dancers, more VIP suites than some hotels have rooms, and a prime Bourbon Street location, you understand why this is spot is to strip clubs what Louis Armstrong is to jazz. About the only way to salvage your trip would be to head here, a newly-renovated space that’s part of the PT’s family of clubs and absolutely nothing like the vegan/stripperoke establishments you’d find in the Beaver State.For all the differences our 50 great states have -- some are red, some are blue, some are Florida -- there's one thing they all have in common: every state has strip clubs. In the end, we came up with this comprehensive, ready-to-bookmark guide to the top spot in every state to watch naked people dance. Or better still, what’s the best strip club in each state? In addition to hitting the nudie bars ourselves, we relied on the trusted recommendations of friends and family, as well as consulting the generous folks who (weirdly) feel compelled to review such establishments on Yelp and Trip Advisor.As a result, this outpost in the Last Frontier draws hot dancers from all over of the country, making it maybe the sexiest thing about a state where it’s too cold to ever wear bikinis.Phoenix is one of the more underrated hotbeds of the adult entertainment industry, and many of the ladies who totally don't appear on your computer screen throughout the day got their start in a Phoenix strip club.Chances are pretty good that you can score a lap dance from “Club Party Girl #4” here if you look hard enough.

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